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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be your true self? To be a free spirit, living the dream you want to live, opposed to the life you feel you should be living.

Bohemianism is a lifestyle; like many things, it can vary from simple to extreme but overall the bohemian lifestyle is so effortless and pure. It encourages one’s true self.

When I scroll through the accounts of my favourite Bohemian influencers, I feel mesmerised, captivated and inspired. I see a world full of simplicity, happiness and adventure.

The Boho lifestyle adapts to its time, but never fails to draw on a wide range of cultures and adheres to natural silhouettes within both Boho clothing and Bohemian interiors. With that said, I have popped together a list of my top six favourite Boho influencers who really do live the dream they want to live and who inspire me personally.

They are without a doubt worth a follow and if like me, you enjoy a scroll – you will be scrolling for hours on end! They may even encourage you to find your true self..

Sarah’s smile lights up the world. Sarah is the Australian Boho babe behind luxury and tropical travel blog Salty Luxe. Her feed speaks for itself, but in a nutshell (or coconut shell) her incredible stories of her travel and life experiences are captivating – if we could right now, you would want to remove all your makeup and hop on a plane to a deserted island having looked at her content.

Yvon is the Boho Queen born in The Netherlands. Yvon’s Insta will open up your eyes to the vibrancy of the Boho world; the colours, prints and vast amount of culture is mesmerising. If you want Bohemian Fashion and accessory inspiration, Yvon is your girl. 

Always smiling! Now this is a lady living her true self. Keria’s journey is one so many can relate to, after realising the ‘conscious life’ just wasn’t for her, Keria and her husband both relocated to Bali to live the ‘slower life’. She shares her journey and love of community with us – I feel so privileged to have an insight into her world and encourage you to take a look yourself.

How does she look sensational in every image? Lisa has a love for bohemian homewares that shines through her Instagram. She has an incredible way of making something so simple and minimalist look incredibly chic and effective. I also love how Lisa subtly shares her family life with us.

Travel envy (in the best way). Born in Canada, Lisa has a serious passion for travel and adventure. The storytelling of her journeys seriously motivates me to work that little bit harder in order to see the places she sees. Living her dream!

I have followed Rachel for a while now. She is predominantly a travel influencer from South Australia and boy does she make you want to get a new wardrobe and jet off! Her feed is so simple and pure, and I love that she isn’t afraid to show off her glass of vino – I’m always one to join!

★ Live the dream of an endless summer ★

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